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I am clearly the best Harry Potter Character

Discover which, lesser, Harry Potter character you are here.

(Meme via various friends on Facebook, who are largely _also_ Luna.)

Original post on Dreamwidth - there are comment count unavailable comments there.

The last sentence is certainly true.

Not just the lesser characters - apparently I'm HP himself...

Hmmm, are you really that angsty?

I'm not angsty! Shut up shut up shut up! *sulks*

I got 'cast' as Hermione. While I like the character, it's certainly not the one I identify most with...

Team Hermione congregate!

whoooooo, I'm Dumbledore.

Yup, I'm Dumbledore too! :)

Oh dear. I am Dumbledore. It's the beard I tell you!

[It's actually much longer and fuller than the picture intimates. And whiter.]

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