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I love living in the panopticon
I am currently watching my parcel being driven all over Edinburgh, as it makes its way slowly to me.

DPD have always been good for letting me know when my parcels were going to be delivered (they give an hour-long slot, and email it to you), but this is rather fun - being able to see where my driver currently is, and that he's currently on delivery 6 (We're delivery 27).

I am slightly amused that the original email told me that my parcel will be delivered by "Darren", and the van is apparently being driven by "Matthew". I shall have to check his badge when he arrives...

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What are you going to do if it turns out not to be Darren?

Demand my money back!

I actually assume that it's Matthew - you'd hope they knew who was in their vans :->

Ah. I was assuming that driver and deliverer were two separate people.

I doubt they spend enough money to send two people out on each delivery run.

Yes, on reflection I'm sure that's right. I just couldn't figure out why they had two named people on the website.

My 23rd December delivery had a driver and a deliverer. They told me that it's quicker at busy time of years as the driver doesn't have to waste time parking considerately(I've yet to se a considerately parked delivery van)

We're having less fun with a lying DPD driver at the moment. I hope your parcel isn't being delivered by the same one or it'll probably disappear into the ether like ours.

Ocado has (or had) a driver named Jesus who spread joy and seasonal goodwill throughout South London in his Cabbage/Strawberry/Onion van. It was always a good day when we knew Jesus was coming to call.

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