Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

My Christmas is not very efficient. I blame Amazon

I have ordered, from Amazon, a present for my brother Hugh, a present for my brother Mike, and a present for my father. They were all ordered today. They will all arrive at my parent's house tomorrow.

And yet, one is being delivered by DPD, one by HDNL, and one by Royal Mail.

This seems a little silly. I mean, I did order them a few hours apart, but the first hadn't left by the time I ordered the last one, you'd think that they'd be slightly more sensible.

(I do wonder what their algorithm is for choosing what courier to use. Do they have them queuing up outside, and the next one to arrive gets handed a parcel? Do they do a reverse auction on each parcel? Do they carefully weigh and measure each parcel, and work out which courier is the cheapest for it? There must be some kind of reason...)

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