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Interesting Links for 10-05-2012

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I was at a Mozilla open day yesterday [they've just opened offices in London, and have a "drop in space" I've used a couple of times, in the hope a getting a free t-shirt... ;) ], and was given a quick demo of their phone OS. I have no idea why it is called Boot2Gecko, but it was very fast, very snazzy and overall rather impressive.

It is built on a Linux kernel, but, I was told, is otherwise completely different to Android.

WHilst the demo was on a Samsung like the one in the review, I was told that it is equally good on low-end handsets. Their aim is to produce cheap smart phones for the mass market.

And like the review say, the crystal skull graphics were very impressive!

Ben Francis gave a talk on Boot2Gecko to Cambridge Geek Night, slides here if you're interested.

Gecko is the internal name for the rendering layer of Firefox - the bit that does all of the page layout and suchlike. The idea being that you go straight into, basically, a web browser, with all of the apps being packaged-up sites.

What we've learned today:

The people who work at DARPA don't watch James Cameron films.

Gah DVDs. The other day we watched one that forced us to sit through not far off 10 minutes of trailers. Given it was a fairly old film I'd picked up cheap from HMV those were for old films. Does nobody think about how that's going to work in 5 years' time when nobody cares at all about those trailers?

Stuck watching those all I could think was 'A torrented video file would be better than this'.

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