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Interesting Links for 03-05-2012

Original post on Dreamwidth - there are comment count unavailable comments there.

Incidentally there's another article about the student left in the cell:
A few minor differences:
1) DEA does apologise but not in person
2) He broke his glasses and cut his arm not to kill himself but to write a letter of apology to his mother.

Possibly a time delay explains (1).
(2) is even more touching!

I would love to know how they managed to lose him for a week...

It does seem incredible if, as he says, they could hear him and he could hear them. It's actually quite a long time to survive without water.

That report highlights not just a north-south divide but an urban-rural divide. In some parts of the country it is the latter that is more important than any other factor. Labour used to be able to claim that it was the party of the poor; now it's the party of the urban poor and the metropolitan public sector chattering classes. Here in Cornwall (the poorest county in England), Labour is almost irrelevant - just a single councillor in the whole county (the Cornish Nationalists have five), and less than 10% of the vote in the last general election and the last Euro election.

Absolutely. Lots of ways to slice it. I wonder if anyone has written a good write-up of the different factors in different areas of the country.

Wonder if the pork smell/gene thing could be correlated with genetics for Jewish and Muslim populations. Would be interesting to see a religious prohibition coming down to a bit of genetics.

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