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Interesting Links for 23-04-2012

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I put the link to the Valve handbook on NASA's internal Yammer site just to see how many heads explode.

I'd love to hear :-> I'm sure that NASA is the anti-Valve in many respects.

I wonder what the overall benefit of an outright ban on FGM is. It occurs to me that people who are determined to have it done are going to get it done whether a doctor is involved or not - and the procedure will be a hell of a lot safer in the hands of a medical professional.

I wonder what the effect would be if the practice itself were legal - but only if the person undergoing the procedure was at least 18 years of age. This would let women who legitimately choose to follow an ingrained custom do so without people sneaking their 10 year olds to untrained people to do it to them.

that's as close to sensible as I think I have heard - but even 18yr olds (or older) can be coerced by family etc into 'consent'....

Wouldn't achieve the object of the exercise which is to guarantee virginity - hence there would still be a market to have it done at a young age.

"Adding Monsters to Thrift Store Paintings"
"Photoshopping celebrities into your party photos."

Those are great! :)

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