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Interesting Links for 22-04-2012

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Damn those pesky clerical errors. Oh how I laughed.

Christians are people too? Wow. More like this, please :)

I wonder if they fired the person who misfired the email?

I wonder if they tried to and he sent the email to the whole company? :-)

I wonder how much damage that clerical error (practical joke? sabotage?) did-- there has to have been at least a day of massive disruption at Aviva.

Oh yes. I'd say that the rumours will have spread like wildfire and morale will have gone through the floor.

Not just that-- people presumably actually left.

Just redistributing the passwords probably isn't a small task.

I would imagine a fair % of employees are now actively seeking alternatives - not only due to the mistake, but also how shittily worded the email was.

'Piss off out of it, give us your keys, try not to smack the door with your arse on the way out, and remember that if word spreads we will sue you to death. Cheers.'

stay classy

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