Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

I wish people wouldn't take advantage of dodgy statistics

Look, I don't like The Conservatives any more than you do, but if you* publish a graph like this:

and expect me to not notice that the x-axis doesn't start at zero, then frankly you're just lying to people through misuse of statistics.

Thankfully, the lovely people at Full Fact put together a graph that shows this one in context:

I have no interest in winning through fraud. I would like everyone to have the truth, and make their own mind about it. Sure, put your own interpretation on things, but if you're trying to win through fraud then we are not on the same side at all.

*In this case Liberal Conspiracy, who I like to keep tabs on, but frequently get very annoyed by, largely due to their levels of ignorance and their dogmatic approach to things.

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