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Interesting Links for 09-04-2012

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The homophobia thing doesn't shock me at all.

As Dennis Leary used to say in his standup routine "You are what you hate."

I think it's now pretty much assumed that homophobes are closet gays.

I experimentally flirted with a couple of 'gay haters' at uni, and unsurprisingly got on with them amazingly well. To the extent that their circle of friends are now convinced they are actually gay even though they are both in long term, solid relationships with women. I now rank them among my closest uni friends.

[where by 'haters' I mean men who expressed an excessive dislike of men being gay at them, rather than being actively or violently homophobic. had that been the case I'd have just slapped them a shot and walked away]

having worked in many bars and clubs, those German after-shots are immaculate. Most places in Edinburgh are pretty much swamps after a decent night. Rugby nights at Frankensteins are legendary.

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