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Interesting Links for 07-04-2012

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I get ... *jaw drops* 14/20. OK, that was better than I thought I was going to score - although it did illustrate just how many languages I'm base-level fluent in - more than you'd expect for a non-programmer.

Not too unhappy with 19/20: the Fortran sample looked so unlike classic Fortran that I guessed it to be some sort of structured BASIC variant I hadn't seen before.

I got Scala and PHP by elimination (in that all the other options for those questions were obviously wrong) and C# and Ruby from only a very vague knowledge.

I got LISP largely because I knew it was "the one with all the brackets" :->

I'm pleasantly surprised to get 16/20 (some were guesses). Maybe I haven't forgotten everything I knew about programming.

9/20, with lots of guessing.


I recognised C, C++ and VB. The rest were guesses.

Th hermet crab is indeed disturbing (and also cool).

Atheism Rising, But God Is Not Dead Yet: 10 Ways Religion Is Changing Around the World

Of course, all of the highly religious nations are also quite poor, and the idea that the EU is weird for being so non-religious strikes me as impressively disingenuous - the nations where most of the populace are highly religious are that way because the people on average both really poor and not remotely in control of their lives. As these nations develop, religosity plummets (South Korea being a relatively recent example, with half the population being non-religious). The only real anomaly is the US, and even here religosity is (at long last) going down.

I suspect that it's also strongly linked with education - certainly countries with lower education levels tend to have much higher levels of religious belief. But then education is linked to national income levels, so it's always going to be complex.

18/20. Boo ya!

I mistook Perl code for Ruby.

I also mistook PHP code for Perl.

This is a bit sad, in the sense that I've worked with both Ruby and Perl in the last year while I've never touched Ada, Fortran, or several other ones.

But when you use languages that are similar then it can be harder to tell the difference, especially if (for instance) you write Ruby code in a Perl idiom. I know I often do:

x = y unless x =~ /regex/;

13/20 - got most of the earlier ones, then less of the later ones.

There was no assembler, postscript, bash or SQL ("SELECT 'Hello World';")?

Coding spotting: 12/20 (I am/was a C# dev). But every single one I have ever used (bar FORTRAN) I got right. I have no knowledge at all of the modern scripting languages, that's why the dismal score, I guess. I should have got Ada but I just wasn't sure. I agree that the FORTRAN was so unclassic - also went for some form of BASIC.

I think I'm cured of any future desire for a Creme Egg. ::shudder::

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