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Interesting Links for 23-03-2012

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I love Internet time. "Most highlighted passages of all time" ... on a device that has been in consumer hands for less than five years.

It was interesting to see that the top ones were a mixture of classics and YA.

I felt like a complete marketter's dream, and utterly predictable. The first thing I read on my kindle was P&P, and last week I read the Hunger Games.

How often do you see the left-wing 'Liberal' Conspiracy blog picking up and running with a Daily Mail campaign?

This should send a strong signal to the government that not only are secret courts appalling, they are also going to be unpopular.

It is good to see general disapproval. I've been seeing similar articles in other places for a while, but The Mail running a campaign will hopefully make a difference.

Not counting actual studying, I have only ever highlighted one passage in a book.

Not sure if I would be comfortable knowing a book-highlighter. I prefer right-thinking sorts.

Ah but on an ereader highlighting doesn't damage the book

I'm a bit weird; I'm cheerfully write on my textbooks and recipe books and pattern books (knitting and sewing). But not in other kinds of book.

I wonder how religion is factored into NI adoption

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