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Interesting Links for 07-03-2012

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Yeah. I don't know it first hand, I just know sensible people (like you) have described how ridiculous it is sometimes! :)

It's really amazing too the clever ways the alumni and gamblers try to get around the system. A few years ago when they realized that giving gifts/cash directly to the student was too obvious, they started buying houses and shit for the student's parents, or paying off their entire family's mortgage and credit card debt.

The UK is lucky that their student athletes are actually student athletes and not simply fund raising machines.

The real fault of this is the NFL. When they decided that all professional football players had to have university degrees that encouraged universities to build stadiums so they could have the players the NFL wouldn't accept yet, make money off the games and then give the football players meaningless degrees four years later.

Eventually they realized that it was a waste to simply make money off of this during football season and just expanded the practice to their other sporting programs.

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