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Interesting Links for 27-02-2012

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So your definition of *work* is a bill that will result in disabled people like myself losing a third of our income? I've been through the bill and the new PIP descriptors and discovered that I'm going to lose the mobility component and a premium. Please forgive me for being so horrified at people who make statements like your last sentence. In my current state of mind I have you pegged as someone who buys into the Government's rhetoric and the Daily Mail's hate-mongering and just wants all poor and disabled people to fuck off and die. I could be wrong, I frequently am, but that's how I see you and anyone else who thinks people like me should lose 33% of our income at the moment.

(Deleted comment)
It's really easy actually. Just combine self-loathing with mental illness and several years worth of people telling me I'm worthless and a burden to society and it would be better if I were dead, add in some suicidal ideation and running out of medication and I can believe just about anything bad especially if it's going to impact negatively on me. Piece of cake really.

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