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Interesting Links for 15-01-2012

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Oh yes, I'm glad that they're marginalised. I do sometimes worry that there is a silent, large, group that's just like them.

That's not a small forum. 1 post every 15 mins or so on a single thread, 256 replies - that's a forum with tens of thousands of at least casual readers, I'd guesstimate.

Oh yes - I'm sure there are lots of people on that forum. I just wonder what percentage of the population they make up.

It does sometimes seem to me that many of my friends list (and other people living in the liberal bubble) don't seem to know how unpleasant a lot of people really are.

*nods* I'm betting that time is helping to shift attitudes, but whenever I see this sort of nonsense I always wonder what the actual ratio of reasonable people to scary misogynists is.

But the liberal bubble is so cosy!

That is them.

How come nobody's called them on their bollocks?

Feel free. It'll have much the same effect as going into a Neo-nazi forum and explaining why racism is just silly (i.e. an instant perma-ban)

I mean someone from the forum. Are they ALL like-minded?

Then again, given some of their sigs...

The forum is for men like that.

At times like this I wish I enjoyed trolling. Can we find some to hire perhaps?

I just gave up on large swathes of the human race. I found it took less effort :->

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