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Interesting Links for 18-10-2011

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Leo DC is actually a very good actor. He just hides it well sometimes.

In a perfect world, the Alan Turing biopic would be a nerdy gay tragedy, in a formal English manner. But what are the odds?

I like him a lot. Thought he was very good in Blood Diamond.

Yes. Not only did he do a passable South African accent, at which several other Hollywood actors have tried and failed, he had body language that reminded me of people who had spent time in the South African military.

That's good to know (as I wouldn't recognise South African military body-language if it punched me in the face).

He didn't act like a general, you understand. But his character was supposedly a footsoldier in 32 battalion, in the 1980s bush war in Angola and Namibia. And he gave off that hint of PTSD, or "bosfefok".

Yeah - I like him as an actor quite a lot.

I enjoyed Catch Me If You Can very much.

If ever I see a LDC film that isn't obviously cotton candy I assume that it will be pretty good and he'll be good in it.

re the great tech war- I have a rant brewing on how some people's minds still shut down and prejudice takes over when they hear the word "Microsoft"; when they're no different these days from Sun, Oracle, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google etc.

I agree - people love to discount Microsoft. And while I don't want a Windows Phone, or to deal with Metro apps (both are too locked down for me), think that counting them out entirely is just asking for trouble.

I was thinking more along these lines. The other guys get less hostility for even more questionable behaviour. I guess that's reputation for you.

Yup. People forgive the underdog more, and they don't seem to have noticed that Apple/Google are no longer the underdog.

(Deleted comment)
It certainly is.

A real window into the different values that underpin the left and right in the US.

If I were an American worker I think I would adjitate for two things. Firstly, trade unions in China and secondly, better holidays.

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