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Interesting Links for 2-6-2011

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OK, so that's definitely an improvement. But I still don't get much more of a say in who the candidates are in the first place. Maybe the local Labour selection committee has (perhaps under pressure from the party leadership) carefully chosen only pro-war candidates. Maybe the local LibDem party is a bunch of dithering buffoons who keep fielding the same few clowns in the vain hope that (contrary to their experiences in all previous local and national elections) this time the electorate will decide they're worth electing after all. (Statement of interest: my local LibDem party appears to be a bunch of dithering buffoons and unelectable clowns. I diskard them.)

I'm not sure what would work here for you.

I have tried to construct a system where a person gives their vote to someone they trust with it, and then that person is either elected, or passes it onto someone else.

Which means that I can decide that you're a safe person to deal with my vote and hand it to you, and then you can pass it up the way to someone you trust, and so on.

But I can't quite make the system work, and I suspect it would be too opaque.

I remember a system proposed in Yes Minister where everyone voted for a micro-local council, one seat for each 200 or so electors. Every councellor should be personally know to every elector.

The councellors also form an electoral college for electing repressentatives to superior legistlatures

They elect from their number a town management committee (equivilent to a local council) and also an MP.

In some ways that would make sense to me.

But it would probably end up being highly disproportional - as information would be lost at each step. On the other hand, you'd have lots of compromises in areas where nobody had overall control.

When I first saw the episode I thought to myself, as this is a a satire the idea must be ridiculous but something about it has stayed with me.

It does interesting things to the party system.

I suspect the satire was that a very different system but one that is probably at least no worse than the current system was branded insane.

Some information is lost but more is created or more efficiently transmitted. If I as a candidate for MP have only to convince an electorate of a few thousand I can have time to take them for a coffee in groups of 3 or 4 and have a proper conversation with them all.

I keep coming back to the idea and thinking, it’s not as crazy as it seems.

Oh, I don't think it's crazy.

I'd be willing to do it for one of the two houses - elect the Commons that way, and the Lords directly!

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