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The human body is non-euclidian

Yesterday went well. Having discovered the bits of the Water of Leith/Cycle Path that went close to the Little Ninjas class, I then wandered back home with Noah, stopping off briefly at Pilrig Park so he could play on the aerial slide, and I could shove him around some of the other rides.

The afternoon was lovely. I'd booked out space for 15 at the Safari Lounge from 2-6, and Julie and I sat there nervously from 2-2:30 by ourselves, getting odd looks from the bar staff, but then there was a sudden influx, and from then until 7:15 was full of business, lots of interesting discussion, really nice food, and occasional drinks.

Today was quieter. I slept in until 10:30, and then we got up, did some tidying around the flat, and then made a fake body for Julie, using the instructions here. Turns out that it's nigh-impossible to draw curves across the human body that return back to their starting position, particularly if you're trying to match up with the curve you made ten seconds previously.

Next up, a bit of debugging of the new posting system, as for some reason it's not recognising [ profile] miss_s_b's Pinterest account. And then off to see Clare and Anindya for dinner on the other side of town.

There may also be some Magicka 2. It's £11 for a copy, or a four-pack for £30. If anyone fancies going in with me then shout now...

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