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Good weekend

Started off well with a nice date on Friday evening. Which isn't going to go anywhere, but I still enjoyed spending six hours with an interesting lovely person.*

Saturday I went to Joachim's birthday lunch with a bunch of nice people, hung out with Lizzie for a couple of hours late afternoon, met up with Anindya and Clare for delicious food and good conversation at Bread Meats Bread, and then went off to dance at a new goth night where I met another two new lovely people.

Today has been massively quieter, and has largely consisted of me chatting to some people online, watching loads of ComicCon trailers, and dealing with every email from the last month bar two.

*Why yes, it _is_ annoying when you meet someone interesting and lovely and have no romantic spark. But still much better than going on a date with someone who is either not lovely or not interesting.

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Anyone want a copy of Ninja Pizza Girl?

Update: All gone

Almost exactly two years ago I backed the game Ninja Pizza Girl on Kickstarter.

I just realised that I actually got game codes for it a few months ago, and as I bought a pack of 5 of them, I have some spare!

I haven't played it yet, but the reviews on Steam are Very Positive, so presumably it's worth playing.

If anyone would like a code then pass me your email address.

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